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Smart blockchain technologies offer a diverse range of innovative blockchain technology applications.

Certihash Sentinel Node
"CERTIHASH, Sentinel Node" is a next generation security tool for detecting cybersecurity threats, providing high-speed verification of file integrity, monitoring changes, and administrative accountability.
Enterprise Elements
Enterprise Elements (E2) is a high-level asset management and digital signature tool that provides easy user access and compliance with regulations for blockchain technology features and functions.
Rare Generation" is a blockchain-backed media platform and digital rights management system that enables content creators and publishers to publish creative works on the blockchain. This information can be relied upon by streaming services and other media consumption platforms to pay rights-holders directly as well as provide an auditable trail of revenue.
The "Interchange" application provides loyalty programs for brands, as well as a settlement layer for coupon redemption, real-time revenue distribution, data analytics, and a better shopping experience for customers.
verified votes
VERIFIED VOTES is a blockchain-based voting application that provides a secure and tamper-proof system for recording and counting votes. In this application, voters can securely and electronically cast their votes, and the votes are privately recorded on the blockchain, enabling auditable data and reliable real-time analytics of the voters.
"ID Secure" is a highly resilient blockchain-based identity solution that allows individuals, organizations, and governments to store, manage, and share identity data with authorized parties as needed.
Combining event ticketing seamlessly together with blockchain technology, our platform "TicketMint" enables efficient event management, reduces fraud, increases security, and facilitates enjoyment of any event, whether it's sports, music, or theater.
proof of esg
By incorporating blockchain technology, "Proof of ESG®", enables standardization and a robust framework for greater auditability, authenticity, and transparency in ESG reporting, increasing business transformation and efficiency.
The music streaming platform "Streamable FM" provides up to 10 times the revenue capabilities of Spotify, with blockchain-powered digital rights management and instant payments for content creators, as well as seamless media streaming. Streamable FM operates on the protocols and publishing technologies of Rare Generation
Utilizing blockchain technology, "MetaMeet" provides encrypted and instant communication channels on the blockchain for peer-to-peer and multiple party communications to facilitate the exchange of private data for companies and governments.
file dropz
FileDropz is a decentralized file storage and sharing platform that uses blockchain technology to store and manage data. Users can upload and store files on the blockchain instead of a central server, allowing for increased security and privacy.
"TrueSign" is a specialized blockchain application that enables users to sign and publish timestamped data to be called upon in the future for authentication. This enables reliable and easy verification of signed messages by third parties.

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